Abseiling architectural photography


The concept of the pictures I propose is a set of unique photographical shots from different heights of the buildings. I use a rope from the top so as to shoot from unexpected and astounding angles.


In Paris - La Défense - For the Epadesa company


Architectural photographer Carlos Ayesta captured these unusual views of Paris by abseiling down the side of skyscrapers.

Carlos Ayesta is a freelance photographer specializing in architecture. He has abseiled from Paris structures such as La Grande Arche of La Défense, CNIT, First Tower, Ariane Tower, Séquoia Tower, Edf Tower, Cb-21 Tower, Eqho Tower, Initiale Tower, Granite Tower.


By dangling from the sides of these buildings, Ayesta wanted to gain a unique perspective of the architecture and the surrounding environment.


"My approach of taking photographs whilst abseiling and from hanging platforms shows the architecture in another dimension,"

Ayesta hopes to capture the city, district and buildings in his photographs from a previously unseen perspective. "I can take pictures of hidden thing. No-one on the ground or on top of the buildings can see what I see,"


"I take pictures of towers, offices and homes, and I am able to capture the people working and living within those spaces,"


"The window reflections are magical - you can see life and the landscapes within the same frame."

The main idea is to show the city from a new angle: low-angle shot images, more vertical than ever, exceptional views, but also, men and women simply living and working. It is a new way of valuing  architecture art, and to look at our world… A new concept to be seen, not from the sky nore from the ground, but from the heart of the city.

New way of valuing architecture art, investment place or a company...

This photographical project will highlight the beauty of this exceptional place and the life of its inhabitants....
“By night” pictures will be radically different with this new vision...